Dr Catherine Ross BSc(Hons), PhD(Ecology)

Consultant Ecologist

Catherine is an ecologist with experience in flora and fauna ecology, conservation and management. She has experience working in academic, government and not-for-profit roles across a range of projects in reserves and agricultural landscapes in the ACT and south-east NSW.

Catherine recently completed her PhD at the ANU, studying the reintroduction of the Eastern Bettong Bettongia gaimardi and their role as ecosystem engineers in grassy woodlands. As a PhD student she gained experience and skills including experimental design, project management, statistical analysis, literature-based research, and communication. Prior to her PhD, Catherine conducted an honours project investigating eucalyptus dieback in the Monaro region, and the possible role of agricultural practices, fire regimes and climate. The findings from this research resulted in the development of a 10-year restoration project with Greening Australia, which received funding from the NSW Environment Trust. Catherine’s research has been published in internationally recognised scientific journals and presented at several national and international conferences.

Catherine has conducted surveys and monitoring on a range of flora and fauna, specialising in the ecological communities of the ACT and south-east NSW. She has experience in vegetation surveys and identification, mammal trapping and handling (cage and Elliott traps), invertebrate pitfall trapping, assessment of riparian condition and aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys, camera trap surveys, and using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to present spatial data. As a project officer with Greening Australia, Catherine worked with landholders to develop and implement revegetation projects to achieve conservation and production outcomes. In this role she developed skills in project delivery, stakeholder and community engagement, field site assessments, restoration techniques, and communication.

Catherine is also a skilled science communicator, with experience writing and presenting to a range of audiences. She has worked in education and outreach at the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust, conducting tours and educational activities for all ages. She was the recipient of the Ecological Society of Australia Outstanding Outreach Award in 2018 in recognition of her work communicating science to the public.