Biodiversity Management and Monitoring

The lowland woodlands and grasslands of the ACT and surrounding regions of NSW are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world.  As a community, we have a collective responsibility to manage the last remnants of these ecosystems and their endemic threatened flora and fauna.  At Capital Ecology we work proactively with our clients to facilitate and encourage the integration of effective threatened community and species management and monitoring into development and land management processes.

Management plans for:

  • threatened species
  • conservation areas/reserves
  • human impact minimisation and mitigation
  • pest plants and animals
  • overabundant native species
  • salvage and translocation

Monitoring of:

  • vegetation clearance / habitat disturbance (spotter-catcher services)
  • ecosystem condition
  • threatened species population size and distribution
  • pest plant and animal presence, spread/abundance
  • effectiveness of controls
  • translocation success
  • grazing impacts
  • restoration and rehabilitation success